Praying for Peace

There is so much in this world I don’t understand. Sometimes I think reaching for understanding is what adds to our suffering, at times. Understanding can bring clarity; it can also bring confusion. Often there seems to be one more question and one more especially when the situation isn’t changing the way we had hoped.

Today, maybe even for the next hour, one hour at a time, I’m choosing to trust You, Lord. To put my focus on the beauty of this world, the truth in Your Word, the Love that You give and You are. One of the greatest ways the enemy steals from us is to rob us of the love You intended for us to enjoy. to be built up in, to be surrounded by.

Today, I pray for people everywhere who are alone and feel unloved. Through prayer, I enter in to the deep and dark places, the frightening places, the places I’d prefer not to go or even acknowledge exist, and I pray for Your light to shine. I pray for Your love to deliver, to set free the captives, to give sight to the blind, those physically and spiritually blind. I pray for rescue for the oppressed in body, mind and spirit whether through our own choices, others’ choices or demonic power.

Most of all I just pray for Love, Your love and the love of neighbours, to bring the light, the hope, the solidarity so needed. Together we can be love everywhere in all ways, all places and with all people. It is no one’s destiny to be alone.


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